Oct 16 2011

The football menu, week 6

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I’m going out on a limb today and posting the football menu at the start of the Sunday instead of at the end. That means, of course, that I can’t lazy out of making anything as I sometimes do.

Today’s menu:

1pm game-I’m taking Sadie to the Russian Sukkot party I wrote about and while we’re there the tomatoes will be roasting in the oven for this incredible tomato soup. Have you ever had a tomato soup with a grilled cheese on top? I hadn’t until pretty recently and now I can pretty much live on it.

Between games- I have a nice looking cauliflower and will make the roasted cauliflower I wrote about last week for a snack.

4pm game- I found a list of recipes of foods made in muffin pans. I was enchanted. Today I will be making prosciutto-wrapped macaroni&cheese. My husband is a littttttle excited.

8pm game- I haven’t told my husband what we’re having for dinner yet, and as he is entranced by the Arsenal-Sunderland match right now I’m pretty sure he won’t be checking my baby blog. We were in Scotland last December and we went to this unforgettable restaurant in Edinburgh, called Ondine, and had this really incredible dish of scallops and chorizo:

Scallops and chorizo at Ondine

I’m going to try to recreate that dish tonight. I’m loosely going to use this recipe and kind of wing it from there.

Feel free to share what you’re making/eating in the comment section. My friend Greg is having these amazing hot dogs. I want a bite.

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5 Responses to “The football menu, week 6”

  1. Olgaon 17 Oct 2011 at 9:56 am

    SOOOOOOOOOOO how did the mac & cheese/prosciutto come out?

  2. Yelenaon 17 Oct 2011 at 1:57 pm

    That is seriously ambitious. How did it go?

  3. Karolon 18 Oct 2011 at 10:36 am

    The mac&cheese prosciutto came out well but the truth is it was completely overshadowed by the tomato soup and the scallop/chorizo dish. Both were phenomenal (and I’m fairly hard on my own cooking).

    I think the mac&cheese would have been better using a different mac&cheese recipe to fill the prosciutto cups. The one in the recipe was not my favorite but I did like the style of making it in cupcake pans.

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